Quote: Napoleon Hill

Give your children your praise rather than your condemnation, because it is human nature for people to live up to the reputation that others give them. ~Napoleon Hill -Think and Grow Rich

Leave it to Beaver

I was just thinking about growing up in Fresno. As with every generation even I compare my upbringing to how kids are being brought up these days. I remember my parents and grandparents doing the same thing to me and my friends. At this moment I can’t remember much about what they said besides the […]

Out to Lunch

There has been a proposition 73 that was meant to be voted on today. The prop is to require doctors to inform parents of girls who are under age 48 hours before a medical procedure that would be an abortion. Obviously if there is a proposition about the issue there are people who believe a […]


Can you imagine getting by in life doing as little as possible and being happy with it? Not only are some people living by ‘minimums are maximums’ they put themselves in an environment where their lack is normalized, sustained and even encouraged. Many people have been repelled from me because I push people to not […]